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rants of an angry little man
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24th-Jun-2011 05:21 pm - i'ma be honest
1. I missed this place. It was seriously funny. And I think--personally--that I wrote some great rants here. So, guys, what say we come back? Seriously.

2. I found this:

This, along with the other four parts, are posted [here].

The first three are just cute. But then when you hit steps four and five, you WILL cry. And this is coming from me, so...yeah. ...okay, maybe that's JUST ME.

No, you're not going to understand anything that's going on, no matter how much you think you can read the letters there. But you don't need to. It's pretty evident from the animation itself what's going on and the tiny bits of English that are thrown at us. (Though you CAN find the videos with English subtitles. I just think they don't add to the story enough to bother posting here.)
31st-Aug-2009 11:57 am - i missed mega shark vs giant octopus
That kind of pissed me off. I have to wait until this next weekend because some idiot forgot to set the DVR. That idiot being me. *sigh*

And seeing this didn't make me feel a whole lot better:

...what. Ew. What? Wh-what was going on? Why were people swinging through trees and shit? What?

That's all that mattered to me this Métadi/Monday. Oh. Besides the boy and the fiancée, but who cares? They aren't creepy CGI. That's what it's all about. Creepy CGI.
14th-Aug-2009 12:37 pm - the origin of love
kun mi hurlu
I usually don't put up videos like this.
But this kills me every time I hear it.

Yes, the singer a transwoman. Kind of. I think. So, no, this did not bother me.

[Not kids-locked, but not exactly Bryce and Psy appropriate]
2nd-Jul-2009 11:34 am - i make fun of people. this be a fact
buddy christ
It's like this comic was made for me to post. wiggaweeeeeeeeeCollapse )
29th-Jun-2009 06:48 pm - dear garrett,

(In case you missed it, Gare started it.)
25th-May-2009 03:34 pm - steamy
omg yes!

¡Good news, family!

Sorry it took so long to tell you guys, but I didn’t want to amalgamate special announcements. ¡Anyway, FINALLY, Bryce has definitely won first place in l’école division of the Unata Science Fair!

Holy crap, that took forever.

¿Why? Because they were investigating whether Bryce cheated or not. I’m actually pretty impressed about it because that means Bryce’s project was hella good. (Video-recording the construction of the experiment for quality control is a requirement, but the records usually aren’t reviewed unless something like this happens. So, ¿those months where I wasn’t cursing so much? Yeah, recording. Sorry, Mattie.

¿So what? He’s going to the friggin’ State Fair, that’s what. ¡Yaaaay, Sushi! You have totally earned your goggles and shit.

I also want to commemorate the fact that we had our first argument. (This was before finding out about the science project of course.) It was about steam/hydro-circhoric engines vs combustible gas engines in vehicles.

I love that little boy so friggin’ much. Even if he’s going through a literal steampunk phase.

25th-Apr-2009 03:55 pm - the nature of magic?
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke


I thought about this just now. I...either think this Earthian guy was a genius or a whack-a-loon, right now.
I can't remember in what entry we were talking about it, but Mattie and I agreed that Jubilee's original (?) character design was stupid. That huge yellow coat was retarded.

She's kinda hot in that first Wikipedia picture. Boobs way too big for my taste, though. Anyway.

I don't know shit about Western comics on Earth (I prefer the Eastern ones for some reason. I think it's that superheroes don't fly around in spandex and invisible jets. COME ON, THAT'S JUST STUPID), but sometimes I look at the art for it. Someone posted this, today.

The coat and gloves are still fucking yellow, but that's a Jubilee that wouldn't bug me.

...AND I'M STILL TALLER THAN WOLVERINE, JESUS. That means Jubilee comes up to my goddamn WAIST or something.
11th-Apr-2009 09:35 pm - gratuitous violence
omg yes!
I say this is NSFW on the basis that it's so violent. It should be for the "fan service", but I don't see anything remotely sexual in this. Probably because of what I'll babble about later. THIS IS MY BOOMSTICKCollapse )
buddy christ

I can't stop laughing at this.
Also...I'm kind of disturbed by how much Stephanie makes me think of Mattie. Really disturbed.
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